Paying it Forward

SURE HOLDINGS strength is in our past and future recommendations. Referrals from existing clients has, played a huge part in Sure Holdings becoming the organization it is today.

If YOU introduce a referral who becomes a wine investor with us, YOU will enjoy 1% of the value of every wine investment they buy. This is in accordance with the Sure.

Holdings Terms and Conditions and rules detailed below.

Please list those people whom you feel could be interested in building a Fine Wine Portfolio. Prior to doing so, please kindly take time to look through our rules for the “Paying it Forward” programme.

NB: Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to Sure Holdings. We at Sure Holdings understand and appreciate that our clients are concerned about their privacy and about the confidentiality and security of information that we may obtain from them. Please read our Terms and Conditions for disclosure of security and confidentiality of information.

Rules of the program

1. You must be holding a fine wine portfolio with Sure Holdings and using our wine management service.

2. Referral fees will be issued in the form of a credit note which can be used to offset purchases of new wines.

3. All other fees i.e. storage, insurance, management, delivery and transaction cannot be offset with the referral fees.

4. Referral fees can not be paid in Cash.

5. Sure Holdings must have been introduced to the referee by the referrer.

6. Referral fees are credited in the same currency as the currency invested by the referral.

7. Referral fees must remain in the currency and we are unable to convert fees to other currencies.

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