Wine Storage and Management

Our fine wine storage and management service is key to making sure your wine portfolio is maintained without hassle or worry over the period of your investment. Without it, you simply would not want to invest into wine. 

To setup an account for us to look after your fine wines, kindly complete an application form.

Our fees for our fine wine management and storage service:

I. Admin Fee

> 1% of wine value purchased

II. Storage Fee

> Charged PER YEAR per total wine value

London:  0.95% of total wine value at GBP (£) or 0.475% every 6 months
Insurance – included in storage charges

Bordeaux: 1.10% of total wine value at EURO (€) or 0.55% every 6 months
Insurance – included in the storage charges

III. Transfer of wines out of Sure Holdings management warehouses

> 5% Admin fee (Current wine value)
> Delivery charges not included.

IV. Sellers Fee

> 1% of wine value sold

V. Management Fee

(Billed with storage charges annually)

VI. Condition Reports Charges

*Wines which are vintages 10 years or older
**All incoming stock received effective 15th November 2013
***These reports will be repeated on a wine every 10 years in storage


GBP 7.00 per full case and half case

Fonthill Estates, Chillmark, UK


Euros 8.00 per full case
> Euros 5.00 per half case

Our wines stored in the warehouse in France, Provenance in Bond, Bordeaux